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Limited to 10 Pieces



When you pick up a Bruschetta, anything on top of a it falls off. We hate this. So we are going the other way around, dropping the Bruschetta ourselves. 


There will only be 10 WYC Bruschettas, each one Hand-Made. 

All of them will be dropped at once. 


As soon as all WYC Bruschettas are picked up, the topping will fall off revealing the subject of the next drop. 


By owning one of the ten WYC Bruschettas you will also receive WYC Pioneer Status in the WYC Discord Server. 


  • 1 custom made NFT FOR FREE for every future drop

  • Direct whitelist for every minting

  • 15% cashback when buying their 1st NFT in each drop

  • 1 physical poster shipped directly to their address