First of all, it is important to say that we want to be here for the long run. We are not interested in quick profits, but we want to create something that can last through the years. Hence, our roadmap will not contain any unfulfillable promise. WYC aims to bring utility to their holders, by providing them with high-quality artworks, a strong community, and tangible benefits. We want to give decision-making power to the community, through our Discord server. Therefore, before any new drop, every information will be discussed with the holders, to give the

community what it really wants. 

WYC - Bruschetta

A 10 piece collection before the main drop. Website and Solana development are in progress. The expansion of our social-media presence and community will be our main focus during this period. This collection allows people to become Pioneers of the project, and receive automatically the following benefits:


  • 1 custom made NFT FOR FREE for every future drop

  • Direct whitelist for every minting

  • 15% cashback when minting their 1st NFT in each drop 

  • 1 physical poster shipped directly to their address



Release of the first 1000 hand made WYC watches on the Solana blockchain!!


Placing the collection on Magic Eden to make it available on the secondary market as well

new collection (1).png


50% sold

A first live extraction where winners will get 75 posters of their held NFT in physical form hand signed by the entire team and a 5 sol giveaway to a random wallet as a thank you.

A second one of 10 tickets to Baselworld or other events of the sort (Monaco Yacht Show or a Formula 1 event) *or luxury events of that sort 




4000 new WYC NFTs will be released, holders of the first collection will have an 80% discount and will be able to receive all the advantages that the new releases will offer!

We aim to take this even more on the luxury side of things, we are ready to create the biggest luxury community in the web3 basis

WYC - No Waitlist

This is our main drop. It is entirely based on our passion for watches, and on two additional points: 

  1. The extreme difficulty in finding watches at affordable prices

  2. The increasing adoption of fake watches, even by celebrities (yeah we are looking at you Jake Paul) 


We believe in giving the possibility of collecting watches to everyone, and to combine that with the latest trend in technology.


25% sold

We will airdrop 50 NFT repair kits to randomly selected WYC-No Waitlist holders and 50 on the secondary market. All of those who will obtain the repair kit will be able to trade in (through burning) their broken watch NFT along with the repair kit to receive their watch in mint condition right in their wallet. Alternatively, the repair kit can be sold on the secondary market to give other holders the possibility of fixing their watch!



75% sold

$WYC is our currently in development token. The starting supply will be 0 and emitted solely through staking and community rewards. You will be able to use $WYC for a variety of WYC related utilities as well as a tool to earn passive income!

All future aspects and directions of $WYC can be debated on our Discord, keep in mind that being a WYC NFT holder grants you more voting power.


Steps based on percentage of  total assets sold/minted:


50 NFT Repair Kit Airdropped to random holders & in the secondary marketplace


Live extraction of 75 Physical hand-signed Poster Winners and of the 10 luxury events tickets and giveaway of 5 sol


20% of proceeds kept in a wallet to reinvest in community chosen projects & marketplace opening


Presentation of our second bigger and better collection, and all the new advantages it will come with!!!